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Industries Served

Armada Technologies designs, builds, and supports test and tool devices

No matter your industry, let Armada Technologies be your partner in underground location.

Irrigation & Landscaping
Cable TV & Telecom
Invisible Fence Wire Location

Historically, our products have attracted attention in the irrigation/sprinkler industry, but we have recently experienced a surge in demand from the telecom/telephone, cable TV, landscape lighting, electrical, invisible dog fence and campground industries. We're proud to enjoy a sterling reputation for product quality and customer service in all of these industries.

But don't take our word for it; hear what contractors are saying about Armada Technology locators.

  • Affordable cable & wire location for your industry.
  • Complete test equipment suite of products for location and fault finding.
  • Wide spectrum of functionality from basic to advanced.
  • Easy access to customer support and service.

What else could you ask for? Find an Armada Tech distributor today.