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NEW Pro900 Digital Underground Cable Locator is here.

If you are an irrigation contractor, you have never seen a locator like this.  Digital readout and controls, inductive clamp, pristine AC noise elimination, AC wall outlet or battery powered, and so much more.  The Pro900 is truly the Cadillac of locators to find lost valves and wires.  Check out the product page for detailed information, but if you are a professional who uses only the finest tools and want a locator that can do it all, the Pro900 is your locator.

New Pro220A Advanced CATV Tone and Probe Kit

The Armada Technologies Pro220A is the most modern CATV tone and probe kit available for advanced tone and tracing on CATV or Telco lines.  The Pro220A combines traditional tone and probe functions with AA battery power, male and female F connectors, LED headlight, and advanced AC filtering to create the best CATV specific identification kit out there.  Check it out under our products page.

Armada Launches Sprinkler Troubelshooting App on Google Play and ITunes

Check out our free sprinkler repair app on Google Play or Itunes.  This step by step app walks the user through a series of questions to determine what the likely electrical problem is with a sprinkler irrigation system; clock, wire, or solenoid.  At the point of diagnosis, the user is also provided with PDFs and/or videos to show the user how to do the testing that is required.  It is a simple app and a great in-the-field asset to keep your crews focused and informed.  Go to the Google Play or ITunes store, or the Armadatech Home page for the direct link.  The app is free and does not require any sign up or commitment.

Irrigation Training on Troubleshooting Sprinkler Systems goes Online for Free

Irrigation Wire Locating

At Armada, the number 1 request we get is for training.  So much so, that we can only fill about 5% of the requests.  As a group of people who care tremendously about happy customers, we didn't like that number.  So we came up with a new way to do it (actually we stole the idea).  Armada now trains more technicians in the art of troubleshooting sprinkler systems than any other test equipment maker.  In fact, we are the ONLY maker that offers it (pretty easy to win that title).  So now you can sit in the comfort of your very own man or woman cave at watch Armada trainings live or taped.  We have over 30 videos on our website, located under the training tab, or you can attend our live web classes.  You can even request a custom class just for your group.  AND IT IS ALL FREE!  Seriously, free.  Contact us with questions or just head to the training tab on our homepage.

Armada Technologies offers Spanish Training Videos

Armada Technologies has produced a training video for basic clock and solenoid diagnostics in Spanish! Click Here to View the Video

Also, be sure to follow the Armada Technologies Channel on Youtube.